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    Sorry (Ban appeal in discord)

    Your IGN: TotteryMC Your Discord: TotteryMC#7977 Ban Reason: a month ago I sent a nitro discord link, which was obviously fake, and someone accused me that it was an IP grabber, and it was just a rickroll, This has been a month or more ago, and I am sorry, I promise that I will not do it again...
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    Banned on discord

    I made a unban appeal 5 days ago and no one has answered me yet ...
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    New Forum Design!

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    Unban appeal (discord)

    Your IGN: (Your In-Game Name) TotteryMC Your Discord: (Your Discord name and tag Ex. HeyItzKillerMC#9510). TotteryMC#7789 Ban Reason: (The exact reason posted on your ban)I was banned for sending a fake nitro discord link, and they accused me of being an IP grabber, and it's just a rickroll...
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