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  1. NiteliteMC

    Help me pls

    Um I can't join featured servers and they don't show up and it won't allow me to join external either any suggestions?
  2. NiteliteMC

    Quick question

    I was wondering if there is an actual anticheat other than the mods. I play EU on Ectary and other server but there is still a lot of cheater in EU and not alot of people get ban. I know /report exist but sometimes it don't always work.
  3. NiteliteMC

    Inappropriate Roleplay

    Ok so I don't know if this is a problem for me or anyone but in the sumo thing when most people weren't around there was a player called GDuck08 who was talking about how she wanted to do umm... inappropriate stuff to people and watch naked people videos. This is nasty. Alot of kids play...
  4. NiteliteMC

    NiteliteMC report on someone being the definition of toxic

    Player IGN: SENT1C Your Discord: Yhuza #5290 Report Reason: telling someone to literally end their life Proof:
  5. NiteliteMC

    Hacker report by NiteliteMC

    Player IGN: N0tHackJustGood Your IGN: NiteliteMC Your Discord: Yhuza #5290 Report Reason: bhop and reach hacks Proof: