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  1. scttyyy

    invis skin

    Player IGN: MochaCookie9471 Your IGN: scttyyy Your Discord: idk Report Reason: invis skin Proof:
  2. scttyyy

    scttyyy ban appeal

    Your IGN: scttyyy Your Discord: scttyyy#3718 Ban Reason: Abusing (Bug abuse) Banned By [Optional]: itsNiamorGG Do you feel you were wrongly punished? If so explain how: It was a false ban because I didn't get a warning or anything before, I know that you kick then ban for 7days but niamor...
  3. scttyyy

    youtube rank permissions

    what permissions does youtube rank have, also is there a difference between youtube and famous rank in terms of perms
  4. scttyyy

    (Fixed) Myth rank on discord

    I have Myth rank in game, my ign is scttyyy, and my discord is scttyyy takes kb now#4419 (done now)
  5. scttyyy


    elit3 answer my forum message quick