Ban Appeal [In Game]

twig luvs u

New member
IGN: twig luvs u
Ban Time: Life
Reason: DDOS Threat
Discord: twig luvs u#7118
Why I did what I did: This guy was being toxic to me saying ez after killing me so I threatened him with DDOS which I can’t even do:)
So if you can please let me have another try I swear I won’t do it ever again.
Also when you add me on discord can you please add me to the Ectary Servee Discord I can’t find it anywhere.
To: Ectary Network


Staff member
Hey @twig luvs u,

thank you for taking the time to fill out an appeal & the associated interest in the network.

Please respect the Format, your appeal was denied!

with kind regards,
xSteveMC - Senior Moderator