Ban appeal


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Your IGN: OctalJupiter519
Your Discord: Octal#8385
Ban Reason: Autoclicking.
Banned By: I dont know
Do you feel you were wrongly punished? If so explain how: This was indeed a false ban, I was casually playing on the server when I was suddenly banned for 'Autoclicking' I have a lot of recordings of me previously pvping people on the server with no problem, I've also been on this server since February of 2020, So It would be foolish of me to suddenly Autoclick for no reason at all, I also hit non-consistently (10-14cps).
Do you have any proof that could prove your innocence? I have a couple recordings of me fighting people a couple weeks ago, but, besides that I have no other evidence.
Why should you be unbanned? I should be unbanned because I was wrongfully accused AND banned of 'Autoclicking', I am not guilty whatsoever, And I love playing on this pvp server. So seeing that I was falsely banned on my top servers Is really sad. (PS: I'm a little well known on the server too)


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Hey Octal2 !

Your ban appeal has been

Sorry for any inconveniences caused by this
You'll be unbanned shortly

- zMaddi