Ban Appeal


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Your IGN: (Gekonugget94)
Your Discord: (PogBoi420#1518)
Ban Reason: (Cheating No specification I believe it was auto clicking or reach because earlier that day i was lagging and i could have been at the time but just dont remember.)
Banned By [Optional]: (Unknown)
Do you feel you were wrongly punished? If so explain how: (I feel like I was wrongly punished and I believe the reason why is that i was clicking too fast because I was drag clicking around 30-40 cps occasionally)
Do you have any proof that could prove your innocence? (Sadly I do not have any evidence to support my appeal but i would be willing to call with a mod on discord or the server to prove I am not cheating.)
Why should you be unbanned? (I think that I should be unbanned because I just recently joined the server and was having fun on it and I wish I could have had more time on the server. As well as the fact that in no way am I the kind of person to ruin other peoples experiences to make mine better by cheating in Minecraft )
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As well a way that I could prove I am not cheating is that I could be unbanned temporarily and have a mod on the server or on the discord watch me stream my gameplay on discord to prove i am not cheating at hte time i was banned and more than likely up to today there is no bedrock hacked clients for 1.17 therefore i could not have been cheating i could also show my task manager while playing to show that i dont cheat.
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Hello @Gekonugget94 ! Thank you for taking the time to fill out an appeal. Unfortunately, the appeal has been denied due to the following reasons:

- No evidence proving you legit at the time of your ban.