Inappropriate Roleplay


Ok so I don't know if this is a problem for me or anyone but in the sumo thing when most people weren't around there was a player called GDuck08 who was talking about how she wanted to do umm... inappropriate stuff to people and watch naked people videos. This is nasty. Alot of kids play minecraft so they fact that they are being nasty on a mcpe server with kids on it is absolutely disgusting. they also were wearing a phub skin and was shifting in front of players while moaning in chat. They are currently banned and I just wanted to warn you about these creepy predators and what they are doing. It is fine if you like that stuff just don't put that same energy into a kids game. Please be careful when you are talking to these strangers and chat and PLEASE PLEASE do not add them on discord or anything. Be safe on the internet and do NOT share any of your personal info. This was just a problem I needed to address.
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