MarshadowRB Ban Appeal


New member
Your IGN: MarshadowRB
Your Discord: MarshadøwRB#3960
Ban Reason: Reach
Banned By [Optional]: It didn't say
Do you feel you were wrongly punished? If so explain how: It was a false ban and an error made on the part of the staff that banned me. And I didn't do anything wrong.
Do you have any proof that could prove your innocence? No
Why should you be unbanned? Since I had just made Ectary one of my mainly played servers, and wouldn't start hacking after a time of less than a fortnight.


Staff member
Hey MarshadowRB!

For bans caused due to cheating/hacking on the server, if you do wish to appeal we require proof/evidence, and without that, the chances of your appeal getting accept is extremely low, hence, since we aren't convinced that you are not cheating and that this really was a false ban, your appeal has been denied!

We follow the "no evidence/proof = no unban" policy for such special cases, and since you do not have any, we hate to break it down to you, but your ban appeal CANNOT be accepted.

Really Need An Unban?

- You may purchase an unban from our store:

Or you could simply wait it out, hoping that I could help you out!

- Curt