Unban appeal (discord)


Your IGN: (Your In-Game Name) TotteryMC
Your Discord: (Your Discord name and tag Ex. HeyItzKillerMC#9510). TotteryMC#7789
Ban Reason: (The exact reason posted on your ban)I was banned for sending a fake nitro discord link, and they accused me of being an IP grabber, and it's just a rickroll
Banned By [Optional]: (The staff member who banned you, optional, if you don't know it's okay) banned by Mateo
Do you feel you were wrongly punished? If so explain how: (If you feel it was a false ban explain how and why) Yes, I think I have been unfairly banned, since I only sent a discord nitro fake link, and it was a rickroll
Do you have any proof that could prove your innocence? (Attach any links, images, YT Videos that could help your case) Yes, I have a video to prove it's fake
Why should you be unbanned? (Tell us why you should be unbanned. If you would like to admit, now would be your best time) I think I was banned by mistake, I just sent a rick roll and someone accused me of sending an IP grabber